As our initial project, Tampa Bay Works has established two collaboratives with employers who are ready to redefine the workforce development process as we know it today, and create a strong, sustainable talent pipeline for the future.
Employers nationwide are facing growing talent shortages, and in Tampa Bay, the issue is becoming increasingly more acute.

In the fight for qualified talent, many local employers are spending valuable time and resources recruiting employees from outside of our community, or taking them from each other. They’re hiring for immediate needs instead of planning for the future. They’re working on their own to develop connections with education and training providers, and attempting to navigate a confusing maze of resources and relationships with little guidance or direction. Right now, their individual needs are getting lost in the noise of thousands of other employers doing exactly the same thing.


What if…

Tampa Bay employers collaborated instead of competing?

What if…

employers worked together to identify their most critical and hardest to fill positions, and define a common set of skills and competencies that those positions require?

What if…

employers communicated their current – and future – needs to the workforce system in a powerful, collective voice, giving the workforce providers more clarity and focus for their own efforts?

This vision is becoming a reality, thanks to a committed group of employers participating in the Tampa Bay Works employer collaboratives.

A robust Request for Information (RFI) process in 2019 identified two industries – healthcare and manufacturing – that had reached a critical pain point in meeting their demands for talent.

Facing shared challenges, these employers – who represent nearly 30 companies and more than 72,000 employees in Tampa Bay – are now meeting monthly, communicating regularly and working together through each step in the TPM™ process, to create an effective connection to workforce providers that will produce the talent they need.

Meet Some of our Participating Employers

Creating Prosperity for All

This initiative is funded by employers and driven by employers, with results that directly respond to the needs of employers. However, by addressing their challenges in this new and unique way, we will also address challenges faced in our community every day.

Through the efforts of Tampa Bay Works and the dedicated members of our employer collaboratives, we will help to ensure that unemployed and underemployed workers, as well as young people living in the Tampa Bay region, have the skills and opportunities to build successful careers, stabilize their families and improve their lives.

Measuring Progress

Shared performance indicators will be developed, implemented and tracked by each collaborative.

Examples may include the number of unfilled job openings, time to fill a position or job function, onboarding and upgrading costs, turnover and retention and workforce diversity. As talent needs are dynamic, continued analysis will be done on improvement opportunities, root causes and solutions.

Replicating Results

After the successful completion of our initial project, we will work to replicate our results across other industries and talent clusters important to the region.

Interested in getting more information future collaboratives or our next RFI process?

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