Tampa Bay Works relies on objective, data-driven research and analysis to shape our talent development strategy and associated activities.
USF Business Plan for a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

The Tampa Bay region has a critical shortage of Medical Laboratory Scientists/Technologists (MLS) that is forecasted to grow over the next decade.  The USF Business Plan for a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences proposes an approach to double the current graduation rate for MLS professionals in our region to close the gap between supply and demand.

Tampa Bay Works: An Employer-Led Regional Workforce Initiative

Led by TIP Strategies, the Tampa Bay Partnership’s Regional Talent Working Group created an action plan for an employer-led, demand-driven regional workforce initiative to address key weaknesses in Tampa Bay’s talent pipeline.

Tampa Bay Industry Profiles

The Tampa Bay Regional Talent Report identified the most in-demand industries relative to anticipated job growth. These profiles provide a snapshot of major employers, staffing and high-demand occupations, hiring environment and training considerations by industry.

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Tampa Bay Regional Talent Report

The Tampa Bay Regional Talent Report is a comprehensive study of the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) labor market and factors that influence it. This study provided a data-based foundation for the development of an employer-led, demand-driven workforce strategy for the region. The Tampa Bay Partnership, with $300,000 in funding from JPMorgan Chase, retained TIP Strategies to conduct the comprehensive research contained in this report.

Tampa Bay Career Pathways

Career pathways are groups of related occupations within a career cluster that share common skills, knowledge and interests. These pathways provide an overview of careers options for the sector, including potential lines of progression from entry-level positions to more advanced career opportunities. This research examines potential career pathways for each of the industries identified within the Tampa Bay Regional Talent Report, including: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality & Tourism, and Information Technology.