Tampa Bay employers will need to fill more than 850,000 new and replacement positions in the next five years. Faced with a critical talent shortage and a fractured talent development system, a major challenge is on the horizon.
Tampa Bay is a vibrant, dynamic region with immense potential for growth. Our economy is surging, our companies are thriving, and we’re attracting new residents at a rapid pace.

With more than 1.5 million prospective employees, Tampa Bay is one of the top 20 talent markets in the country. But ask any local employer – regardless of size or industry – and they’ll likely share similar concerns: they’re struggling to find qualified local talent for available positions, and are largely disconnected from the system that produces it.

National Trends

This challenge isn’t unique to the Tampa Bay region. Nationally, talent shortages are being driven by historically low unemployment, an aging workforce and the rapid digitalization of jobs.

Regional Challenges

Tampa Bay employers face some additional challenges. The lack of alignment and coordination within our fragmented talent development system is creating a barrier to hiring skilled talent.

A Systemic Issue

The issues are systemic, and the impact is far-reaching. According to data from the 2018 Regional Competitiveness Report, dysfunction and inefficiency are contributing to alarming weaknesses throughout our entire talent pipeline.

Regional Response

To address the foundational issues within our talent development system – and create opportunities for unemployed and underemployed residents – we need to build a more productive structure, process and relationship between our workforce providers and our employers.

That begins with a coordinated regional effort that engages employers at the heart of the solution.

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